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Gifted for Action™ Experience (Sampler)

The Gifted for Action™ Experience is a comprehensive, experiential and practical vocational leadership development programme for Christian believers who want to discover purpose and desire to be more and do more for God through their lives.

The sampler is an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the style and content of the Gifted for Action™ Experience programme to see if this programme is right for you.

Work your way through a brief introduction to each of the modules before signing up to participate in the full programme.

  • Special Offer – £1,100 + £300 refundable deposit
  • Blended learning programme
  • Part 1 – 15 month study period
  • Cohort sizes 8 – 20
  • Self-directed, self-paced with tutor & peer support
  • Assignments included
  • Certificate on completion

Gifted for Action™ Experience (Part 1)

The Gifted for Action™ Experience is blended learning programme delivered in cohort sizes of 9 to 18, predominantly via a web-based learning environment, with 3 or 4 face to face training sessions per year. Incorporating interactive eLearning modules; live video seminars; peer to peer learning partnerships; online forums for discussion; a digital 360° feedback process; and coaching-mentoring support via email, phone and video conferencing, the Gifted for Action™ programme captures the experiential and interactive nature of proven face to face delivery and translates this into a dynamic online learning experience, ensuring that you do not learn alone.

Developed for people already in management or leadership positions, and individuals aspiring to move into management, the Gifted for Action™ Experience inspires people to see their everyday work as a vocation, not just a job!  The programme aims to increase leadership capacity and capability, in order to make a positive difference to the people and communities you serve.

  • £350 per module or £2,000 for the complete course
  • Online
  • 8 modules over 2 years
  • Self-paced with Tutor support
  • Assignments included
  • Ordination on completion

Workplace Ministers Academy Course

The Workplace Ministers Academy Course has been designed to help Christians to ‘Seek First the Kingdom of God’ in their workplace, find their destiny and enter their Promised Land.

This practical study programme enables participants to understand destiny; develop mission and vision; clarify purpose in business, commerce and trade, in order to positively influence our world.

Designed over 8 modules, the Workplace Ministers Academy Course helps participants understand and relate the biblical understanding of God’s intention and Christ’s ideology for work, the workplace and trade.

This course will give practical guidance to understanding destiny and help students move into it, so they can ‘walk out their calling’ in the marketplace.

  • Prices start from £500 (for individuals and small charity organisations)
  • Online programme using video conferencing
  • 9 month study period
  • Self-directed learning with professional Coach-Mentoring support
  • Comprehensive feedback report and leadership development planning document included.

Gifted for Action™ Blueprint

The Gifted for Action™ Blueprint a 360° Leadership Development feedback pathway created for Christian believers who desire professional support to help clarify their current position as a leader; develop a clear vision of Godly purpose; and create a focused plan of action to achieve their full leadership potential.

Using the Gifted for Action ™ Blueprint as a basis for enhancing your leadership potential is not exclusively for organisational leaders – E.G. managers, pastors or senior leadership team members; it’s not about being in church or even having an active ministry.

The Gifted for Action™ Blueprint is all about you as an individual Christian believer having more of leadership impact in whatever environment you find yourself working in.

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Our unique blend of interactivity and connectivity, with clients from the church, commerce or the workplace, encourages individuals to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Our programmes inspire people to see their everyday work as a vocation, not just a job!

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