Get a taste of the tried and tested Gifted for Action course, designed to challenge, guide and inspire individuals to recognise and use their spiritual gifts for God’s purpose.  The course has been shown to develop leadership and a determination to make a difference.  We have already had some wonderfully transformative effects in communities as a result of this divinely inspired training programme.

Join us on the journey, and realise the future God has in store for you.

This course rich in learning, experiences and research.  It comprises of 5 carefully prepared and tested modules.

  1. Discovering Your Life Purpose
  2. Sourced By The Power of Prayer
  3. What Spiritual Gifts Has God Gifted Us With?
  4. Active Love in Action
  5. Emotional Health Is Important For Believers Too

Below you will find some sample material – just a small fraction of the rich interactive materials available on the full course.

Course Curriculum

G4A Sampler 1 – Discovering Your Life Purpose 00:11:00
G4A Sampler 2 – Tapping into the Power of Prayer 00:09:00
G4A Sampler 3 – What Spiritual Gifts has God Gifted Us With? 00:07:00
G4A Sampler 4 – Active Love in Action 00:08:00
G4A Sampler 5 – Emotional Health is Important for Believers Too 00:10:00
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