About us

The Online Leadership Academy

Developing Leadership across The Third Sector


“Tried and Tested, Proven Methods of Creating and Developing Leaders to Make a
Transformative Difference Across their Communities”

Online Leadership Academy is set up to:
  • Support people to discover purpose and develop leadership potential, empowering people to make a social impact in the lives of disadvantaged and marginalised people in their communities and beyond.
  • Provide easily-accessible, cost-effective, interactive experiential eLearning and development opportunities, with a requirement for participants to proactively cascade their learning practically with other people in their community as part of our methodology and learning criteria.
  • Our methodology and learning system has a proven track record of results in an offline setting. This online system will hugely increase the reach and availability of this system. A huge body of material from the offline courses is being converted into a rich and challenging online experience.
  • This is not just “online learning”. The challenging modules are tutor-led, and include:
  • 360 appraisals
  • Online seminars
  • Tutor-guided assignments
  • Discussion forums
  • As well as engaging interactive learning
  • To bridge the gap between desire, and the real opportunity to get involved in social action projects by providing a support network for collaborative effort of like-minded individuals, to work together on social projects and broker volunteer opportunities with the not for profit organisations and charities with whom we work, support and network.

Oenca Fontaine:

Oenca Fontaine is a gifted and inspirational figure. She has been mentoring, teaching and consulting on leadership development for police forces and Birmingham City Council. Her work with Norfolk Constabulary has been a factor in Norfolk police being recognised repeatedly for outstanding leadership and professionalism. Oenca leads a particularly strong team with good governance from all sides.

Over 3 years, Oenca has a developed, tried and tested course aimed at transformational learning for church ministers and preachers. The current course is face-to-face based on 10 x 1.5 day courses, with the addition of assignments and 360 appraisals. This is a learning system with a track record of outcomes in communities.

Eric Mills ACCA: Qualified, practising Chartered Accountant

Martin Tomlinson

Martin Tomlinson from Vibe Development and Arden Apps, has 21 years experience in development of Internet and business technology. Martin has experience in developing systems for the educational sector with a social benefit, has worked for the Princes Trust Charity as a volunteer business and marketing mentor and teacher and been involved in leadership roles in local youth groups.

Eric Mills

Eric is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a thriving practice in the West Midlands. He is also active as a Church Minister and school governor. Eric is committed to serving his community and as part of this is determined to uses his gifts to drive and facilitate active projects in the West Midlands community.