We Provide Cost Effective and comprehensive personal,professional and spiritual development programmers with a requirement for partially with other people in their workplace or community as part of our methodology and learning criteria


Our programmers are a proven process for artcalculating  the experience of leadership including theory,led-discussions,reflection and application.By placing this development programmer online, we can extend our unique brand of interactive leadership learning locally nationally and  internationally

For Who?

Our programmes are ideally suited to experienced or emergin Third Sector social leaders who want to make a difference. The programmes work equally well for pragmatic individuals who are frustrated and want to start social action projects within their community.

Video-based learning

Dozens of hours of video learning


Regular contact with your personal tutor

360 degree Appraisal

The course starts with a 360-degree appraisal of your leadership style, ability and impact

Regular Discussions

Join discussion forums and live webinars


The tutor-led assignments will challenge and inspire you

Proven track record

Our students are transforming themselves and their communities



Oenca Fontaine

Oenca comes with over 15 years of coach-mentoring, training, leadership and talent development consultancy experience. More recently, over the last 3½ years, she has developed and tested a development programme aimed at equipping transformational learning for church ministers and preachers.

Martin Tomlinson

Martin is Director of Vibe Innovation, Founder and Director of Arden Apps, and Director of Worktaster.com which facilitates the growth of work experience and employability skills for 14-19 year-olds, entrepreneur and consultant, Martin brings with him 21 years’ experience in development of Internet and business technology.

Eric Mills

Eric is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a thriving practice in the West Midlands. He is also active as a Church Minister and school governor. Eric is committed to serving his community and as part of this is determined to uses his gifts to drive and facilitate active projects in the West Midlands community.